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Understand and Influence Your Customers to Improve Conversions

With a complete picture of your customers activities (online and offline) and analytic tools to connect data across marketing channels you can better market to your different customers.

Know How Customers Connect and What Makes Them Respond

See which channels customers use along with the digital, offline, and other factors that influence their purchase decisions.

Analyze and Adjust in Real Time

Instantly discover how each of your channels are performing. Get recommendations on more efficient marketing tactics, so you can influence your customers with the right channel, at the right time—including right away.

Jump-Start ROI

With the insights to analyze and make changes throughout your marketing mix—all in real time—you’ll show a better return on spend.

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Understanding Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling

Gain a better grasp of the math behind game-changing marketing attribution.

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Neiman Marcus + Neustar MarketShare

Discover how this prestigious brand uses advanced analytics for more customer-focused marketing.

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Learn How Your Company Can Benefit from the Power of Trusted Connections.

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