Increased Visibility Through Facebook Multi-touch Attribution

Each consumer has an organic likelihood to purchase based on who they are — their attitudes, interests, and behaviors. Consumers are also influenced along their pathway to purchase based on where they are, what they are doing, and through more macro external factors (such as weather, pricing, and markets), all influencing their purchase decisions and brand perceptions. Multi-touch attribution provides marketers with the transparency and insight across these known and unknown factors by measuring influence across all channels. However, current multi touch attribution solutions are limited in their ability to track and optimize across some of the more opaque channels such as Facebook due to the lack of coverage on mobile apps, limited coverage on desktop, and reliance on click-data only.

Facebook and Neustar have joined forces to solve this marketing dilemma. By integrating Facebook exposure data with Neustar MarketShare MTA models, marketers can now understand and optimize the entire customer journey. Grounded in Customer Response Theory, Neustar MarketShare MTA uses three distinct sets of data to capture the entire customer decision process providing visibility across both audience and media performance across all channels including Facebook.


  • Obtain a clear picture of your consumer across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Gain deeper insight into how Facebook drives conversions downstream
  • Understand true effectiveness and ROI of your overall marketing spend
  • Get accurate investment recommendations across mobile, desktop, and other devices

Neustar MTA Approach

1. A multi-dimensional view of the consumer

Neustar determines customer propensity by looking at both what we know about the consumer AND what they are being influenced by. All of these help characteristics tell a story about your consumer that allow you to connect with them on a deeper level with personalized and engaging customer experiences.

2. A macro view of market influence

External factors influence consumer behavior that marketers cannot control. By capturing and analyzing real world factors such as pricing, promotion, and competition, Neustar applies market-level models to more accurately understand the journey of the customer. This hybrid micro and macro approach helps marketers to both focus on variables within their control and to more accurately predict the outcome of those that are not.

Addressable media interactions

As a consumer moves along their purchase path, they leave breadcrumbs that provide insight into their intent, influence, and attitude. Neustar captures digital attribution variables derived from a customer’s interaction history. Understanding recency and frequency requires capturing hard data — impressions, clicks, views, and interactions — that tell a unique story about the customer’s journey.

Using our attribution models to also target was a great proof point for us that this methodology and product really work.

Jeff Rosenfeld, VP of Customer Insight & Analytics, Neiman Marcus

Top Down and Bottoms Up

View of Performance The Neustar MTA approach allows you to understand who the consumer is at the person-level, their interactions with your brand, as well as what real world factors influence their market interactions so you can truly attribute success and measure performance. As the only Facebook Partner for both bottoms-up attribution and top-down marketing mix analysis, marketers can not only better understand which marketing tactics are working, but also gain insights into true incrementality delivered through a people-based attribution model.

Understand and Influence Your Customers to Improve Conversions

With a complete picture of your customer’s activities (online and offline) and analytic tools to connect data across marketing channels, you can better market to your different customers.

Know How Customers Connect and What Makes Them Respond

See which channels customers use along with the digital, offline, and other factors that influence their purchase decisions.

Analyze and Adjust in Real Time

Instantly discover how each of your channels are performing. Get recommendations on more efficient marketing tactics, so you can influence your customers with the right channel, at the right time—including right away.

Jump-start ROI

With the insights to analyze and make changes throughout your marketing mix—all in real time—you’ll gain insights to generate a better return on spend.

Forrester Wave

Neustar Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions (MMOS), Q1 2020

Neustar Unified Measurement solution is called a leading option for brands that want a "deep customer-level marketing performance measurement solution packaged in a powerhouse analytics tool."

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