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Case Studies

The Challenge

A major financial services organization was conducting over 60 million collections calls per month, and often was unable to reach their consumers due to incorrect or outdated contact information. Even when the phone number was correct, the organization found they could not reach the consumer. This meant low right-party contact rates and fewer dollars collected per dial for non-payment messages being sent to wrong/outdated numbers.

The Neustar Solution

Using the Phone Behavior Intelligence solution, Neustar provided predictive intelligence on the best numbers to dial, the best number to use for each contact, and the best time to call. This data enabled the organization to develop a new dialing strategy prioritizing the best numbers to dial and ideal “call window buckets” for the accounts based on phone activity.

The Outcome

By verifying and completing customer records with Neustar authoritative contact intelligence data, the organization was able to drive higher RPC rates and revenue-per-dial KPIs to significantly improve operational efficiencies, including 16% fewer dials, a 9% higher RPC rate, and 18% more promises to pay. The new dialing strategy also mitigated TCPA risks associated with outbound dialing.

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