Neustar Transforms How the Digital World Connects

Neustar has been a key partner to the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years, enabling trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most. Serving over 800 carriers, including all major mobile, wireline, cable and VoIP providers in North America, Neustar seamlessly automates mission-critical processes. See how our Carrier Provisioning solutions help service providers simplify and automate their operations to help reduce costs and provide a better customer experience.

Network Connectivity Solutions

Neustar’s single interconnection streamlines connectivity and automates the buying and selling of wholesale connectivity services – connecting hundreds of wireless, wireline, and cloud service providers.

Universal Order Connect

Simplify the purchase of wholesale access and transport services. Instantly locate availability and get and compare quotes. Next, an automated workflow simplifies order creation, validation, and submission – helping you deliver new connections faster.

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Universal Order Connect Marketplace

Streamline requests for wholesale access and transport services with a solution that automates quoting and availability, translates order requests to your preferred format, and simplifies order status communications – saving you time and money.

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Enhanced Order Visibility

Neustar streamlines the exchange of order status information from access sellers to access customers for improved communication and order transparency, increasing efficiency and reducing delays.

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UOC Trouble Administration

Reduce timelines for resolving inter-carrier trouble tickets. Reach multiple originating carriers through a single interface to address issues related to circuits, facilities, and network elements more efficiently.

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Voice Provisioning Solutions

Neustar offers a suite of solutions for voice services that provide end-to-end automation for more efficient number portability and improved customer experience.

Enhanced Service Request

Neustar Enhanced Service Request (ESR) provides LNP workflow orchestration that enables providers to use one form to process multiple order types, with sequential, low-touch processing.

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Self-Service Portal

Missing information can slow the porting process down for new customers. Our solution will automatically notify customers of needed input, collect required data, and update orders for faster processing and time to revenue.

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Number Portability

Automate the NPAC number porting process to activate customers faster, generate revenue sooner, and provide a positive customer experience from the start.

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Telephone Number Management

Automate and optimize telephone number management, improve provisioning and service activation, and ensure numbers are aligned with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication requirements with our suite of solutions.


Don’t let your outdated telephone number inventory stand in the way of progress. It is time to update, automate, and take control.

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Port PS Suite

Get the essential numbering solutions you need. Obtain critical information for customer care, pre-port validation, billing, network maintenance, troubleshooting and revenue assurance across your entire number inventory and determine when to order, disconnect or move numbers on your network.

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Client Services

Get the technical expertise you need to optimize operations without adding headcount. Speak to our team today for expert assistance and advice.

Concierge Services

Neustar’s order management experts can help you with the cumbersome process of overseeing complex service orders so you can connect and grow your business.

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Managed Voice Services

Neustar provides LNP support from provisioning, ordering, fulfillment, on-call after-hours support, to turn-key Managed Services.

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Advisory Services

Our industry experts bring decades of communications systems experience to ensure your operations – the workflow, systems and people – perform at maximum efficiency.

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