Neutralize Bad Bots with UltraBot Protect

Malicious bots account for as much as 35% of Internet traffic. They can scrape your sensitive data, launch DDoS and account takeover attacks and tie up ecommerce inventory. UltraBot Protect provides reliable bot management -- the cloud-based suite of services you need to protect your network and applications:

  • Detect even sophisticated bots attempting to connect to your system
  • Categorize and fingerprint bots for informed, efficient management
  • Apply effective countermeasures to either allow, log, block, delay or redirect traffic
  • Simplify security with continuous discovery of protected assets and resources by URI/IP
  • Improve visibility with comprehensive, flexible dashboard-based reporting
  • Backed up by 24/7 customer support from a team of dedicated security experts

Reduce Risks without Impeding Legitimate Traffic

UltraBot Protect distinguishes good bots from malicious bots, and gives you flexible options to manage them appropriately. Minimize the risks of bot-based web fraud, data theft and other cybercrimes without impacting legitimate bot traffic that supports revenues and search rankings.

UltraBot Protect Includes:

Block Lists

A customized list of IP addresses, subnets, and policy expressions that has to be blocked from accessing your web applications.

Allow Lists

A customized list of IP addresses, subnets, and policy expressions that can be bypassed from further WAF/Bot Protections.

IP Reputation

Examines if the incoming bot traffic is from a malicious IP address.

Bot Rate Limits

Examines if a client request is received within a predefined time from a client IP address, a session, or a configured resource (for example, from a URL).

Device Fingerprinting

Detects if the incoming bot traffic has device fingerprint ID in the incoming request header and browser attributes.

BOT Traps

Detects if the incoming bot traffic is from a human user or an automated bot and based on detection to a specific BOT Trap URL, the rule blocks any subsequent request from an automated bot.

BOT TPS (Transactions Per Second)

Detects incoming traffic as bots if the maximum number of requests and percentage increase in requests exceeds the configured time interval.


Detects if the incoming traffic is from a human user or an automated bot. CAPTCHA blocks automated bot traffic that cause security violations to web applications.

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