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February 12th, 2016

Who Cares About the Grammy Awards?

Hot on the heels of the biggest game of the year for American football fans is the biggest show of the year for music lovers. On Monday, February 15, 2016, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will air its annual Grammy Awards to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry. And if the cost of advertising during the show is any indication, the viewership is sure to be huge. In 2015, advertisers shelled out an average of $1 million for a 30-second spot to reach the awards show’s 25.3 million viewers.

Who exactly are these viewers? Obviously they love music. But a deeper look tells us so much more. With Neustar’s Market Analytics and Segmentation solution, ElementOne, we get a clearer picture of the households that are most likely to watch this year’s Grammy Awards show—including their interests, attitudes, lifestyles, and buying preferences.

Looking at the data, we’ve gotten some interesting insights into these households. While some of what we’ve learned might not be surprising, a few things were unexpected.

Grammy Awards Viewers are Entertainment and Media Professionals

Households that are most likely to have watched the Grammys in previous years are also much more likely to reside in entertainment industry hotbeds, like Los Angeles and New York...

Based on this, we can infer that they are likely to be entertainment industry insiders. Especially since the geographic distributions of households that watch the Grammy Awards contrasts quite a bit with that of prime-time TV viewing households

Super Bowl viewing households

and even households who watched the last Academy Awards show

Grammy Awards Viewers are Younger Families with Substantial Resources 

Households that watch the Grammy Awards are predominantly young families with children. 48 percent of watchers are between the ages of 18 and 34 years. They’re over twice as likely as the average household to fall in the 25-34 age group, 39 percent more likely to be aged 18-24, and over 2.5 times as likely to have 2+ kids under the age of 6.

Grammy Awards watching households are also 41 percent more likely to have a six-figure household income. And what kind of cars do they drive? Apparently, they’re 41 percent more likely to choose a car mainly on looks, twice as likely to own a Lexus, and 53 percent more likely to own a BMW. But interestingly, despite Hyundai’s sponsorship of the Awards show this year, they are 2 percent less likely to own a Hyundai.

Two other Grammy sponsors—Delta and Hilton—may have better luck reaching their fans on the evening of the show. After all, Grammy watchers travel—and when they do, they’re more likely to stay at a Hilton and to fly Delta. The show’s official watch sponsor, Gucci, will be happy to learn that Grammy viewers also spend more on watches than non-viewers: they’re 41 percent more likely to treat themselves to a watch that costs over $200.

Grammy Awards Viewers are Hip Hop Enthusiasts 

Which kind of music do Grammy-watching households prefer? It appears to be Hip Hop—and every flavor of it. Awards viewers are 57 percent more likely than non-viewers to prefer Hip Hop, 74 percent more likely to prefer Pop-Hip Hop, and 47 percent more likely to prefer Early 90s Hip Hop. So even if Kendrick Lamar doesn’t snag his third Grammy this year, he can be confident that he’ll still reach his fans.

Grammy Awards Viewers are Less Politically Conscious

Election season is in high gear, but politicians aren’t likely to inspire much enthusiasm among the Grammy-watching crowd. In fact, Awards watching households are less likely than non-watchers be registered to vote. They also claim “middle of the road” political leanings—though, interestingly, they’re more likely to reject Republicans and Conservatives than Democrats and Liberals.

Grammy viewing households also tend not to recycle, and are less likely to report being environmentally conscious. They also tend not to join associations (such as fraternal orders, art associations, or religious organizations)—with one exception: they’re 67% more likely to join Fantasy Sports leagues.

Grammy Awards Viewers are Ad-Conscious

Though consumers as a whole may now be less receptive to advertising, this is not true of Grammy-watching households. They’re less likely to avoid watching TV commercials and are especially aware of video ads to captive audiences: in movie theaters, taxis, airports, and office buildings. And these ads have a significant influence: Awards-viewing households are 30 percent more likely than non-viewers to remember advertised products when shopping, and 50 percent more likely to purchase brand names used by actors in movies. 

What’s the Take Away?

So, in the end, what does the data tell us is the best way to extend your reach of the young, well-off, entertainment-loving, and ad-aware Grammy audience—even after the Awards? How about an in-taxi video ad featuring Kendrick Lamar, playing fantasy sports while wearing his Gucci watch?

But seriously, whether you’re striving to reach hip hop enthusiasts or luxury watch buyers, the path to marketing success begins with a comprehensive understanding of your multi-faceted customers and prospects: who they are, what they like, and where to reach them. The result?… marketing communications that are more relevant to those customers, and media investments that are more cost-efficient for you.

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