April 15th, 2021

Marketing Attribution Software: Guess Who Tops the List in 2021?

Digital.com, a leader in the online review business, just named Neustar among the best marketing attribution software companies for 2021. Only five companies received that honor out of a field of more than 90 contenders.

How did this honor come about?

We're very grateful for this accolade, and we're particularly pleased about it because of the way that digital.com conducted their evaluation.

They monitored online reviews and applied sentiment analysis to them to compute a likability score. Their analysts simply set up the taxonomy (e.g., deciding what companies Neustar competed with in this particular area, as well as the criteria they needed to meet to be on the list) and supervised the analysis. The end result is an independent, unbiased view of the overall market.

In short, their review of our marketing attribution software is based on what thousands of people think of our product in the real world.

That's a very powerful approach. Marketers live and die by what people are saying about their brand online, so they're no strangers to the concept. Developing a well-rounded marketing stack is a difficult task in today's world, and companies like digital.com are injecting a much-needed dose of peer evaluation and trust into the whole process.

What were the winning criteria?

All companies are not in the same place when it comes to marketing attribution needs. Some are looking for a marketing attribution tool specific to certain channels, like search, email, social media, or television. Others are looking for more holistic cross-channel attribution solutions. The companies in the running for this digital.com recognition needed to offer multi-touch attribution (MTA) solutions that could support in-depth reporting, as well as robust integrations with advertising platforms and the types of tools frequently used by small and medium-sized companies: Google Analytics, for instance, or the top CRM and email marketing platforms in the market today.

We're thrilled that Neustar did not just tick all the boxes, but outpaced the competition on all fronts.

Why is marketing attribution important?

Marketing attribution software is an essential attribution tool in the modern marketer's toolkit: MTA allows brands to analyze their customer behavior in full detail, touchpoint by touchpoint, and uncover promising segments and advertising targets along the way. With an MTA marketing strategy, marketers can keep their finger on the pulse of the customer journey and optimize their multi-channel campaigns in real time.

For large Neustar clients accustomed to marketing mix modeling (MMM), we've combined MTA with MMM and predictive analytics to unlock new revenues and deliver fast returns. We refer to that winning combination as Unified Analytics, and it's fast becoming the norm for proactive brands looking to manage the complexity of their customer data and deliver true people-based marketing across all media channels—including the walled gardens, linear and connected-TV. You want to optimize your tactical decisions down to the audience type, program, provider, creative, or spot placement? Done. No other analytics company offers access to that level of granularity.

How complex can customer data get? Consider this confluence of factors: There are new consumer channels popping up every day, shopping habits took a hard turn during the pandemic, and today, people's interactions with brands go well beyond simple impressions. The digital ecosystem is realigning to survive the phaseout of the third-party cookie and other device identifiers this year. And all of this is happening against the backdrop of ever-increasing privacy regulations. Brands need a marketing attribution solution that's built for that new environment.

They also need a solution provider that knows the difference between marketing effects and other external effects like seasonality, pricing, the state of the economy, or even people's propensity to purchase the product in the first place. Too often, attribution software ends up crediting marketing touchpoints (some even just the last touchpoint) for something that would have happened with or without the campaign.

The benefits of marketing attribution software apply to both big and small companies 

There's a preconceived notion in the martech space that advanced solutions like marketing attribution, unified analytics, or predictive analytics are the domain of large brands with billion-dollar ad budgets. But small companies and large enterprises operate in the same data-overload environment. While small businesses are increasingly at risk of being overwhelmed by data and losing touch with their customers, large companies are taking advantage of new tools and solutions to operate with the nimbleness, personalization, and attention to detail that have been the trademark of successful small businesses in the past.

It's time for small businesses to gain access to the same powerful tools, and we can't think of a better start than to invest in Neustar's award-winning marketing attribution software.

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