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October 3rd, 2019

Announcing the 2019 ANA Genius Awards Winners

Creativity is an enormous component of analytics. Your organization can gather the same information used by countless other companies, but it’s the way you use it – to measurable marketing impact – that gives you the competitive advantage.

Since 2013, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has partnered with Neustar to recognize the creative discipline of brands who demonstrated analytics excellence in their ability to adopt, grow, innovate and tell stories driven by data and analytics to drive  excellence in their respective organizations. 

It's worth noting that -  for the first time in Genius Awards' seven-year history -  we have two nonprofit winners, which shows that  becoming a data and analytics-driven culture isn't reserved for enterprise brands, but should be a model for what is possible for any organization of any size. 

Introducing the 2019 ANA Genius Awards, connected by Neustar.

Winner for Data and Analytics Adoption: Adobe

Adobe wanted to be able to tell these users apart, then create more long-term users and increase monetization of short-term users – particularly in countries where the company didn’t already dominate. Data scientists at Adobe were able to achieve both these goals by going back to the fundamentals of marketing and creating accurate customer lifetime value models through analytics

Winner for Data and Analytics Growth: USA for UNHCR

It’s an impressive achievement to build functional analytics capabilities from scratch in just a few short years – and that’s the achievement we’re celebrating with USA for UNHCR.  Following the 2015 refugee crisis, the UN Refugee Agency created The Hive, an innovation group set up to break down data silos, create a data lake and a data warehouse, implement new analytics tools, and begin comprehensive trainings to support internal adoption. All of this allowed the non-profit to target donors using sophisticated techniques such as topical modeling and natural language processing – all in the service of creating a better life for refugees.

Winner for Data and Analytics Innovation: LongHorn Steakhouse

It’s hard to understand marketing ROI when you can’t tell if the customers you’re targeting with online ads are the same customers showing up at your physical locations. LongHorn Steakhouse used a sophisticated end-to-end measurement and activation platform that could link online and in-person identities. Along the way, they discovered important insights – such as the fact that customers near a LongHorn Steakhouse were 50% more likely to visit – and were able to market to them more impactfully as a result. 

Data and Analytics Storytelling: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust had a challenge: their organization was fond of putting on lavish Broadway productions, but other occupants of the Pittsburgh Cultural District believed that people who came to see a Broadway show were less likely to be repeat visitors. Using empirical data from a vast trove of information, analysts at the Trust were able to put this worry to bed. Their research showed that first-time Broadway ticket buyers reactivated at 56%, generating tens of millions in revenue for the area.


Congratulations to all of this year's amazing ANA Genius Awards winners for transforming their respective organizations to achieve measurable results.



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