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Inbound Authentication

Reduce average handle time, operational waste, and fraud risk by authenticating inbound callers.

Identify & Validate

Digital Identity Risk

Remove friction for legitimate consumers, and risk exposure for your business, by matching visitors’ digital and offline identities.

Authenticate Digital Channels

Outbound Risk

Reduce consumer friction and fraud with real-time intelligence on every phone you dial.

Prevent Account Takeover

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2020 State of Call Center Authentication

Learn how call center leaders are making changes to authentication that will improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and fraud-fighting ability.

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Product Resource

Reduce Consumer Friction and Mitigate Fraud with Integrated Identity Verification

A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Neustar.

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The Future of Contact Center Authentication

Authenticating your customers doesn’t have to be a burden. UBS improved their customer identification process, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Fight Back Against Account Takeover Fraud

Watch this video to gain insight into how account takeover fraud occurs, and how "unstealable" device data from Neustar can help prevent it.

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Why Fraudsters Love Contact Center Authentication

Most contact centers rely on knowledge-based questions to verify customer identity, a big mistake. Most of the answers are already on the dark web. Plus, customers hate the experience. Discover how USAA solves these problems with help from Neustar.

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Learn How Your Company Can Benefit from the Power of Trusted Connections.

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