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Reach your audience at scale across digital media platforms, publishers, and addressable TV.

Authoritative Identity

AdAdvisor provides audience insights that increase digital advertising relevancy fueled by the most authoritative consumer information available. AdAdvisor not only enables accurate targeting based on ZIP, age and gender, but also a wide range of attributes, including brand preferences, product affinities, and psychographic variables. In contrast to traditional behavioral targeting data providers—where a behavioral “segment” represents a single behavior based on a recent observation—our audiences are derived from our real-time consumer insight engine and make thousands of insightful behaviors available based on verified offline information.

Essential Attributes

AdAdvisor is driven by consumer data based on Individual and household level attributes, lifestyles and interests, and product preferences. AdAdvisor helps you find new prospects and precisely target desired audiences, across digital channels.

Customizing the AdAdvisor Experience

An Audience in AdAdvisor is a collection of individual attributes that are grouped together to represent a subset of the US population that has an affinity to a particular brand, product or service.

In an effort to help simplify the selection process for our clients and partners, we created the AdAdvisor Reference Guide, and keep it consistently updated. The AdAdvisor Reference Guide is a collection of thousands of Audience Groups, visually represented in a standard PDF template.

The AdAdvisor Reference Guide categorizes AdAdvisor audiences into high level categories and sub-categories. In this portal, you can search for general products (for example: automobiles) or specific brand affinity (for example: Lexus), dependent on the audience you want to reach.


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