Aug 17, 2021

Neustar Launches the Fabrick Impact Assessment™ to Protect Brands Against Data Deprecation Due to Loss of Third-Party Cookies and Device IDs

Marketers can leverage the assessment to activate and measure up to 80% of their media without third-party cookies or device IDs

August 17th, 2021 - STERLING, Virginia - Neustar Inc.., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, today released the Fabrick Impact Assessment, a new process to help marketers both diagnose and mitigate the impact of third-party cookie deprecation and device ID loss across their media and measurement investments. This first-of-its-kind diagnostic will enable brands to protect against data deprecation to avoid future losses in media reach, measurement accuracy, and advertising-generated revenue. 

The Fabrick Impact Assessment provides Neustar clients with an ID-deprecation impact score for each of their measurement and media syndication partners.  This will help marketers identify gaps across their media and measurement ecosystem.  Impact scores are calculated using seven underlying dimensions – media spend or volume, number of applied use cases, identifier type, match rate, integration type, data quality, and the available alternatives.  The diagnostic covers a wide array of channels, platforms, and formats including retail, display, mobile, programmatic, social media, search, connected and linear television, direct mail, email, and out-of-home advertising.  

A preliminary online assessment, available here, provides brands with a media gap snapshot in advance of a more in-depth data deprecation analysis and remediation plan.

“Brands can’t afford to take a wait and see approach when it comes to their ability to advertise and measure the impact of their marketing investments effectively in the future,” said Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President and GM of Marketing Solutions at Neustar.  “The Fabrick Impact Assessment enables brands to quickly measure the unique risks they might face, and proactively adapt their marketing and measurement strategies to set them up for success before it’s too late.”

“Conducting a full audit of every partner, platform, and publisher across our marketing mix is complicated and time-consuming,” said Jing Zhang, Director of Digital Marketing, Measurement & Optimization at AT&T. “Neustar’s approach with Fabrick and the Fabrick Impact Assessment has set the standard for helping brands to adapt to the challenges of data deprecation.  Their efforts in this area have helped us be better prepared for the inevitable across our targeting, measurement, and consumer data strategies.” 

The Fabrick Impact Assessment is currently being leveraged by all Neustar marketing solutions clients, on a reoccurring basis, to diagnose their media and channel gaps and develop proactive approaches to sustain and grow audience reach and measurement accuracy across addressable channels.

The Fabrick Impact Assessment is a feature of the Neustar Fabrick data connectivity platform that underlies Neustar’s Unified Identity and Unified Analytics solutions.  Marketers leveraging Fabrick today can activate and measure up to 80% of their media without third-party cookies or device IDs.

To diagnose your own media and measurement gaps, take a free Fabrick Impact Assessment here.

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Neustar Fabrick™ is the data connectivity platform underlying Unified Identity and Unified Analytics, that provides marketers with the identity linkages, privacy-protections, and data connections they need to maintain and grow their marketing and analytics capabilities in a privacy centric, post-ID marketing environment.  Learn more at https://www.home.neustar/fabrick

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