Apr 15, 2020

Neustar Introduces Services Aimed at Fulfilling Stringent Consumer Privacy Compliance Standards

Neustar Identity Verification for CCPA, Neustar Identity Resolution for CCPA services support California legislation, extend protections broadly
April 15, 2020 – STERLING, VirginiaNeustar Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, unveiled two new service solutions for entities seeking effective and efficient compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, which took effect January 1 this year. The Neustar Identity Verification for CCPA and Neustar Identity Resolution for CCPA services enable organizations to fulfill CCPA requests with assurance of risk mitigation in terms of data breaches or fraud as well as non-compliance. 
The CCPA sets a high domestic privacy standard in the U.S. Although it applies to companies that collect or share information about consumers living in California, organizations are unlikely to make the distinction between residents of California and other states but will instead apply these standards uniformly nationwide. While the act provides certain benefits and protections for consumers, it does introduce some risk: fraudsters may make CCPA requests in an effort to acquire sensitive personal information, and organizations with siloed consumer data may unwittingly find themselves out of compliance — and subject to fines — in cases of unmerged or outdated records.
“CCPA has introduced some important protections for consumers and their personal information, but in the process, it has also provided fraudsters with yet another channel to exploit to gain unfettered access to sensitive data,” said Neustar’s Robert McKay, Senior Vice President, Customer Identity and Risk Solutions. “At Neustar, we’ve developed two service solutions to help not only reduce the potential for a data breach and instances of fraud, but also ensure that organizations are able to remain in full compliance by coalescing all applicable data.” 
Leveraging the robust Neustar OneID system, which continuously corroborates, verifies and appends consumer identifiers, attributes and information, the new Neustar Identity Verification for CCPA service validates the identity of any consumer making a CCPA request. The service authenticates the user behind the request using a combination of online, offline, and device-based data, reducing a fraudster’s ability to obtain sensitive information.
With the Neustar Identity Resolution for CCPA service, organizations gain the capability to link all data points across systems enterprise-wide to gain a single, authoritative view of a customer when fulfilling a CCPA request. Such a service ensures that consumers’ requests are fully honored by creating a consolidated view of consumer identity across siloed, merged and incomplete CRM records.
Both the Neustar Identity Verification for CCPA and Neustar Identity Resolution for CCPA services come with portal user interfaces that can easily and directly integrate with an organization’s website and into existing end-to-end compliance management systems. More details can be found at www.home.neustar/compliance/ccpa-identity-solutions.

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