Jun 19, 2018

USAA Selects Neustar Identity Data Management Platform and Unified Measurement and Analytics Solution

Leading Financial Services Provider Banks on Triple Play with Marketing Mix Modeling, Multi-touch Attribution and IDMP for One Identity-based View of the Customer Journey

Neustar®, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced that USAA, an insurance and financial services provider serving American military members, veterans and their families, has selected the company’s unified marketing measurement and analytics solution, in addition to the Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP) to attain a single identity-based view of their customers.

As a data-driven advertiser with acclaimed success in creating greater precision and transparency in their marketing and analytics endeavors, USAA turned to Neustar as a trusted partner that could stitch together the various customer touchpoints and deliver an improved customer experience through relevance and personalization across all channels. USAA sought a unified measurement solution that could reconcile all the rich offline customer interactions, such as phone calls made to USAA’s call center, and allow USAA to activate campaigns based on a single identity-based view of the customer. Such a unified advertising model allows USAA to understand whether marketing investments in digital channels, such as search or display, are contributing to incremental sales, at the person-level. This model also gives USAA a view into the most effective channels and best-performing audiences with the aim of creating more audiences that resemble those high-performing attributes.

“USAA is one of the most sophisticated advertisers in the industry and their unified marketing measurement approach, which relies on capturing the most up-to-date online and offline signals with a focus on creating a single identity-based view of the customer, is truly progressive,” said Julie Fleischer, Vice President, Product Marketing, Marketing Solutions, Neustar. “The most forward-thinking advertisers understand that identity is at the core of personalization and to drive successful business outcomes, measurement must take into account the entire customer journey. Such unified identity enables USAA to deliver people-based marketing and really supercharges its entire marketing allocation and planning strategy.”

The core to a successful and effective marketing strategy requires that an advertiser can secure a unified –online and offline – view of their customers and pin-point based on measurement and attribution tools where the next advertising dollar should be spent. Neustar is able to identify exactly what digital marketing efforts drove a certain number of phone calls and conversions over the phone, which is incredibly valuable for USAA’s multi-touch attribution models and results in less media waste. As an insurance company that prides itself on knowing and understanding its members and prospects, USAA is aware that a large segment of their audience will convert over the phone, and without a clear understanding of what online exposures drove to a conversion over the phone, USAA would be running extremely inefficient marketing programs. The industry standard practice of only incorporating online signals into measurement models without a robust identity resolution capability that connects people, places and things, fails to address the needs of today’s leading advertisers.

USAA’s approach to marketing mix modeling (MMM) has allowed the advertiser to achieve a variety of outcomes across the funnel, yielding insights into the optimal allocation and marginal utility of USAA’s investments across offline and online channels. Employing MMM for several years, USAA has become a diversified advertiser that utilizes new and emerging channels to reach a broader member and prospect audience. USAA has fully integrated the marketing allocation process within the analytics, leadership and marketing teams, running hundreds of ‘what-if’ scenarios annually. A quarterly process to incorporate measurement lessons learned across A-B testing (lift over control) and MMM ensures that USAA leadership maintains one measurement version of the truth to utilize for investment decisions.

The Neustar IDMP solves USAA’s people-based marketing challenges by making connections across online and offline touchpoints to create a unified, neutral view of the customer or prospect. It allows brands to measure the impact of their marketing, synthesize smarter cross-channel consumer engagements and accurately predict, refine, and understand marketing performance. The Neustar MarketShare unified marketing analytics solution offers advertisers a guide to strategic and tactical planning decisions, as well as trade-off scenarios for allocations – predictively – across products, markets, segments, tactics and channels. It takes into consideration both the offline marketing tactics and the non-media drivers (e.g. weather, economy, pricing, competitor actions, etc.) to provide a holistic customer view and helps clients examine the true business value of their marketing performance. This next-generation tool for unified marketing measurement keeps pace with the rapidly changing marketing landscape to ensure that marketers are maximizing their business results and proving marketing’s contribution to revenue at every opportunity.

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