Carbon Footprint

Neustar monitors its impact on the environment by tracking and reporting its carbon footprint annually. Since 2013, our baseline year, the company has lower its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (tCO2e):

  • 2.4% decrease in total tons of carbon emissions
  • 1.8% decrease in carbon per employee
  • 10.0% decrease in carbon per square foot of office space

LEED Certified Buildings

A growing number of our buildings are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), including our Sterling, VA, headquarters and newer locations on the West Coast. Our San Francisco site received LEED Gold certification, while our newest data center is Green Globe certified with accompanying LEED certified office space.

Energy Conservation

We combine technology and smart policy to reduce energy waste. Two quick examples: meeting rooms have sensors and timers to control lighting, while web and videoconferencing reduce travel and carbon emissions. Whenever possible, we choose renewable energy sources, plus retrofit or build facilities to be energy-efficient. Neustar also has a volunteer “Green Team” that looks for new ways to save energy. Loudoun County, VA, home to our corporate headquarters, has recognized the company as a “Certified Green Business.”

Recycling Programs

All facilities have the goal of recycling 100 percent of applicable material, from paper to glass to older electronics. We purchase renewable materials whenever possible.

Data Center Energy Program

In our data centers, we monitor power usage on a real-time basis. Among other benefits, this lets us gauge how much of our total power is actually used by computing equipment. Think of it as the equivalent of miles per gallon. We can use lower energy usage along with operating costs before, during, and after any changes to the technical environment.