Missing data, new privacy rules, ID deprecation, channel fragmentation. Data chaos is everywhere. But the sky is not falling.

The Four Components of Unified Identity

With unified identity, proactive marketers are dramatically improving the quality of their customer data, and developing an efficient infrastructure to activate their marketing campaigns now and in the future.


Data Hygiene





Data Hygiene

A lot of the data you're working with is incomplete, duplicate, or outright obsolete. It's hard to admit it because you're investing so much time and resources into it, but the numbers don't lie.




90% of CRM records are missing key information



Depending on the industry, roughly 30% of data records are duplicates



Do nothing and 60% of your data will be obsolete within two years

The Ripple Effect of Bad Data

Garbage in, garbage out. Without reliable data, everything else you do falls apart. You can have the best creative minds and the best media planning algorithms in the business, you'll end up reaching the wrong consumers, on the wrong channels, with the wrong creative messages, and at the wrong time. It will affect your relationship with existing customers, and ruin your chances of acquiring new customers too. Bad data impacts everything you do.


30% Revenue Loss

On average, brands lose 30% of their revenue due to data hygiene issues.

What Would Better Data Hygiene Bring to Your Business?
  • More efficient media planning
  • Optimized budget allocations
  • Increased sales and conversions
  • Fewer wasted opportunities
  • Higher return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)
  • Balanced reach and frequency
  • Improved customer experiences
CRM Managers & Marketers

Take This First Step to Improve Your Data

Send us a sample of your data and we'll interrogate it against our industry-leading identity graph. We'll report back with an accurate assessment of your data health, and concrete steps for you to fill in the gaps and correct errors now and in the future.

Data Health Assessment



Today, customers expect personal attention from the brands in their lives. Gone are the days of blasting the same generic message to everyone. But you can't tailor your message to your customers if all you have is a phone number or an email address. You need to enrich the data you have with relevant demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.


Understand Your Customers

First-party data has always been crucial to marketing performance, but with the ongoing deprecation of third-party cookies and device identifiers, it's become an even greater priority for marketers. When you connect your first-party data to reliable outside sources, you can better analyze your customers' propensity to respond to your brand, and take your marketing campaigns to the next level.


Top Neustar Resources to Augment Your Data


Number of individuals in the Neustar OneID database


Number of building blocks in the Neustar ElementOne segmentation platform


Number of data partners in the Neustar Fabrick data marketplace

Customer Acquisition Marketers

Connect to a Data Marketplace You Can Trust

You need to enrich your first-party data to develop a strong connection with your best customers. But who do you turn to? What data providers offer unique value without infringing on your customers' privacy? We're doing all the heavy-lifting for you in the Fabrick Data Marketplace, our new, best-in-class, privacy-by-design data marketplace.

Fabrick Data Marketplace



You've invested in clean and rich customer data upstream, now unlock the power of that data for cross-channel targeting. You need a robust onboarding solution that reaches the same people in your CRM or CDP because it leverages the same graph as your data hygiene solution. What attributes should you be looking for in an onboarding partner?



An identity graph that covers >95% of consumers


Frequently refreshed data reduces waste


Fast turnaround to reach customers while in market


Already operational in a privacy-first and cookieless environment


Success Is a Virtuous Circle

With the right onboarding solution in place, you have a much better chance to understand the customer journey, identify promising segments, and target them on the channels where they're most likely to respond. Good decisions have a compounding effect. Companies working with Neustar to onboard their customer data are reaching new heights in marketing performance.

How High Can You Jump?


A Neustar client improved reach five-fold within its target audience


Another Neustar client boosted incremental sales by 30%


Yet another more than doubled its return on advertising spend (ROAS)

Digital Marketers

Spring Your Customer Data into Action

Onboarding is a key component of Unified Identity. It builds on your investments in data quality and sets the stage for effective data activation opportunities. See what sets our data onboarding solution apart.

Data Onboarding



For marketers, the whole point of collecting and onboarding customer data is to improve how they interact with customers along the path to purchase. But the process of activating that data depends on a daisy chain of tech platforms that, unfortunately, don't always work well together. If your tech stack reminds you of the game of leaky buckets you played as a child, you're not alone.



How Much of Your Data Can You Actually Rely On?

17% is how much of your data you can rely on. Most big brands have dozens of tools in their marketing stack. Let's simplify that stack to its bare essentials: an identity resolution partner to eliminate duplicates, a CDP, an onboarder, and a DMP or other audience syndication platform. Each one of these tools is a leaky bucket, and without unified identity to plug the holes, only 17% of the data collected by the company ends up being actionable.

Are You Using Leaky Buckets With Your Customer Data?


Protect Your Marketing Stack Against ID Loss

80%+ is the share of media spend already sheltered from ID loss by Neustar clients. Another wrench in the marketing stack is the pending deprecation of third-party cookies, often used to connect online and offline data assets and activate digital audiences. How vulnerable are you to ID loss? Neustar clients who embrace Unified Identity are able to activate up to 80% of their media today without cookies or device IDs.

Marketing Executives

Future-Proof Your Customer Data Ecosystem

We can help you assess your existing vulnerabilities, and develop an action plan to protect your media investments.

Fabrick Impact Assessment

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In today’s fast-evolving marketing environment, you need the very best tools to meet your customers where they are, and outsmart the competition. Unified identity is your key to best-in-class data hygiene, enrichment, onboarding, and activation capabilities.

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