The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) sets a much higher domestic privacy standard across all companies that collect or share consumer information. Though the CCPA technically applies only to California residents, the reality is that most brands are not comfortable giving consumers greater or lesser privacy protections depending on their location, and most consumers feel the same.

The challenge comes in effectively managing these CCPA consumer requests. How can you manage and link all the various offline consumer datapoints across siloed data repositories, so that you can present a single definitive record for consumer requests? How can you confirm that the consumer is actually who they say they are, so that you aren’t inadvertently putting sensitive consumer information into the hands of fraudsters?

Link disparate consumer data records and verify consumer requests with a single, easy-to-integrate portal UI to mitigate your CCPA compliance risk.

This is where Neustar helps. As the industry leader in responsible identity management, Neustar is a critical partner for hundreds of top brands looking to improve their CCPA compliance strategies, manage consumer identity more effectively, and authenticate their customers quickly and reliably.

Powered by the most extensive list of authoritative data sources in the industry, Neustar OneID™ continuously corroborates, verifies, and appends consumer identifiers, attributes, and information. Neustar also has unparalleled relationships with major Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to support our solutions with the most up-to-date consumer data available, helping ensure you have a single, reliable source of truth for your consumer data.

Neustar Identity Verification for CCPA

Validate the identity of the consumer making the CCPA request, mitigating the risk of fraudsters obtaining sensitive consumer information.

Neustar Identity Resolution for CCPA

Link consumer datapoints from multiple systems to give a single, authoritative view of the consumer when servicing CCPA requests, reducing the risk of non-compliance due to orphaned accounts.

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CCPA Fines, Fraud, and Fragmented Data

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has wide-ranging implications outside of California. Avoid costly missteps.

Manage Requests Confidently


Reliable CCPA Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) transforms companies’ current operations into two novel risk vectors. Non-compliance invites fines as high as $7,500 per incident, costly lawsuits, and brand reputation risk.

Mitigate CCPA Compliance Risk

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