Product Features

Consolidate Data
Consolidate multiple systems and manage millions of mobile, landline, and VoIP telephone numbers from a single repository to reduce errors and order delays.

Eliminate Manual Processes
Automate outdated and error-prone manual processes, such as number ordering and inventory replenishment - so you never run out of numbers.

Reduce Costs
Reconcile, correct, and maintain valuable telephone number data to eliminate order fallout, inaccurate assignments, and out-of-service issues that can lead to frustrated customers and lost revenue.

Streamline How Numbering Blocks Are Managed
Integrate with existing number porting solutions and the Pooling Administration System to streamline receiving or donating blocks of numbers.

Automate Regulatory Reporting
Automatically generate NRUF (Numbering Resource Utilization and Forecasting) reports in minutes, not days, across all your Operating Company Numbers (OCN).

Manage Next Gen Complexities
Seamlessly manage telephone number driven 5G and IoT services to gain first to market advantage and meet customer growth and demand.

Improve Accuracy and Speed
API-based, integrate with order management, provisioning, and point-of-sale systems easily and gain automated reporting and other time saving functions.

Accurately Certify Calls for STIR SHAKEN
Validate your telephone number ownership for accurate call attestation as part of STIR SHAKEN and protect your customers from unwanted robocalls and caller ID spoofing.


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