Be Recognized as a Legitimate Call Originator

Improve contact rates by validating your caller identity for the telephone numbers from which you make outbound calls–as part of voice service provider’s caller identity resolution or Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Verifying the legitimacy of your organization, ownership of telephone numbers, and even the purpose of your calls, is crucial to how your outbound calls are treated in the today’s complex calling environment.

Foundation for a Trusted Call Experience

The basis of any trusted communication is knowing that participants are who they say they are. But in today’s calling environment where bad actors use the phone to trick and defraud people, it’s a challenge to determine who’s a legitimate caller.

As part of their efforts to combat illegal robocalls and caller ID spoofing, voice service providers must verify the identity of the caller and the ownership of each originating telephone number so they can assign a level of trust for the call and determine if it will be blocked, tagged as spam, or verified.

Your call experience is determined by what voice service providers know about your organization and your calling environment.

Support for All Stages of Vetting

Neustar can validate your business details, assign a legitimate call purpose, confirm ownership and associate caller data to each telephone number you use to make outbound calls. And, we’ll ensure this information is registered, closely monitored and updated across the vast ecosystem of voice service providers, call analytics programs and mobile applications.

Enterprise Vetting

“Are you a valid business that can be trusted by others?”

Verify your legitimacy as a corporate entity and your business purpose.

Telecoms Vetting

“Do you have the right to use these telephone numbers and are they valid?”

Verify your telephone number (TN) ownership and chain-of-custody with voice service providers and the caller ID ecosystem.

Call Campaign Vetting

“What is the intent of your calls?”

Understanding of your calling use cases, phone numbers in use, caller name, and calling strategies.

Call Behavior Vetting

“Has there been a change to your caller identity reputation?”

Continued monitoring and reporting to verify your caller reputation and behavior.

Vetting Fallout

“When an issue arises with your caller identity, how do you address it?”

Proactive management and appeals process of exceptions to optimize your call experience.


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