When it comes to booking vacations and travel, customers want to feel pampered – and safe. In addition to worrying about evolving rules and regulations around health-based travel restrictions, they also want to avoid travel scams.

Incorporating the high-touch phone channel into the digital omnichannel experience helps to address these costumer scam concerns. However, in our recent Omdia survey, travel and hospitality firms reported that many of their legitimate outbound calls were marked as spam – customers weren’t even aware it was them calling – and they experienced a loss of revenue as a result.

By providing your company name, logo, and reason for the call on the mobile display, Branded Call Display (BCD) helps travel and hospitality firms increase answer rates by up to 56%. This leads to reduced costs, improved customer engagement, and the ability to reverse revenue loss. Through the use of STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, BCD also ensures that calls have not been spoofed.

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Survey says!

Here’s what hospitality firms said:


Said it’s important that their customers’ call experience is aligned with their overall omnichannel journey, including digital experiences


Indicated the phone is their most important communications channels


Ranked service delivery as their most common type of outbound call, followed by reminders (60%)


Said the customer call experience is important to their overall brand perception


Reported that outbound call volume was significantly or slightly higher than six months ago


Said answer rates were lower than six months ago


Said they lost over 10% in revenues due to call mis-tagging and blocking in the past six months


Said they definitely or probably need a branded call display solution

Source: OMDIA Survey, 2021.

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