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Government agencies must be nimble to deliver critical services across the nation―services that often save lives. Efficient outreach underpins delivery of these public services.

The phone remains a key communication channel for government agencies, but due to scams and fraud stemming from illegal robocalls, consumers are hesitant to answer the phone unless they know who’s calling.

In our recent Omdia survey, Rebuilding Trust in Calls, 2021, government entities reported that many of their legitimate calls were marked as spam, and they experienced a loss of revenue as a result.

Branded Call Display (BCD) helps government agencies increase answer rates by up to 56%, while reducing costs, improving engagement, and reversing revenue loss.

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Survey says!

Here’s what government entities said:


Indicated the phone channel as the most important communications channel, followed by social media


Ranked reminders and fraud alerts equally as the most common types of outbound calls, followed by call-backs


Reported that outbound call volume was significantly or slightly higher than a year ago


Said over 10% of calls were mistagged as spam; over two-thirds reported mis-tagging rates of over 20%


Indicated revenue loss of at least 10% as a result of call blocking and tagging


Said they definitely or probably need a branded call display solution

Source: Omdia survey, Rebuilding Trust in Calls, 2021.

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