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November 4, 2014
Arlington, VA Emergency Management letter to the FCC

Letter to the FCC expressing concern about the possible interruption, degradation, or cancellation of essential public safety services related to LNPA. Read More

November 2, 2014
City of Fairfax, VA Office of Emergency Management letter to the FCC

Letter to the FCC urging the agency to protect three services related to LNPA: 911 database updates; disaster porting; law enforcement access Read More

November 14, 2014
Collier County, FL Bureau of Emergency Services letter to the FCC

Letter to the FCC expressing concern that localities could be required to pay for public safety services under a new LNPA vendor. Read More

August 11, 2014
Reply Comments by the FBI, DEA, Secret Services and ICE

Reply comments calling on the FCC to evaluate key law enforcement, public safety and national security issues when determining the next LNPA vendor. Read More

March 21, 2014
Frontier Communications letter to the FCC

Letter calling on the FCC to consider the concerns of mid-size carriers as it considers selecting an LNPA vendor, and asking the agency to retain the same level of functionality without the need to invest in completely new infrastructure. Read More

November 26, 2014
Frontier Communications letter to the FCC

Letter calling on the FCC to ensure that the NPAC retains the same level of functionality, including supporting disaster recovery and emergency preparedness, ecosystem monitoring and management, and mass porting capabilities. Read More

August 20, 2014
Reply Comments from the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriffs’ Association

Reply Comments calling on the FCC to consider the ability of the LNPA vendor to satisfy the important law enforcement, public safety and national security equities of the local, tribal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies who rely on LNPA services to assist virtually all significant criminal and national security investigations. Read More

July 24, 2014
Comments by Intrado, Inc., a provider of 911 products and services

Comments asking the FCC to ensure that any transition plan no adversely affect 911 data management or timely resolution of potential LNP-related errors. Read More

November 3, 2014
Iowa Utilities Board Letter to Chairman Wheeler

Letter to the Chairman asking for a delay, if the FCC awards the LNPA contract to Ericsson to enable adequate testing. Read More

July 30, 2014
Rep. Peter King letter to Chairman Wheeler

Letter asking the FCC to seek input from the FBI, DHS and other law enforcement agencies as it selects a LNPA vendor. Read More

November 21, 2014
LEAP Users letter to Chairman Wheeler

Letter from nearly 20 government agencies that use the LEAP database asking the FCC to reduce/eliminate risks to public safety in selecting an LNPA vendor and asking the agency for an opportunity to be involved in any testing and transition planning for LEAP. Read More

August 21, 2014
LNP Alliance Reply Comments

LNP Alliance comments stating that Telcordia fails to meet the FCC’s neutrality requirements to be the LNPA, and asking the FCC to extend Neustar’s contact for two years in order to allow Telcordia to address its neutrality issues and for the industry task force to set clear requirements for the NPAC in a post-IP transition environment. Read More

July 25, 2014
LNP Alliance Comments

LNP Alliance raising concerns about Telcordia’s neutrality, asking the FCC to require Ericsson to spin off Telcordia, and consider the IP transition when selecting a LNPA vendor. Read More

November 18, 2014
Maryland Fire Chiefs Association letter to Chairman Wheeler

Letter from the Maryland Fire Chiefs Association raising public safety concerns. Read More

August 22, 2014
NENA letter to the FCC

Letter to the FCC asking the agency to take into account the various law enforcement, public safety and homeland security concerns implicated by local number portability is making its selection of the next LNPA. Read More

October 9, 2014
New York Police Department letter to the FCC

Letter to the FCC asking the agency to take into account the NYPD’s public safety and national security concerns when selecting the LNPA vendor. Read More

November 24, 2015
Orleans Parish Communication District letter to the FCC

Letter to the FCC calling on the agency to ensure that the tools and applications for the timely and economical management to 911 data currently in use remain available to 911 providers at no cost. Read More

August 13, 2014
Rep. Mike Pompeo letter to the FCC

Letter calling on the FCC to confer with DHS, DoJ and intelligence agencies regarding what security requirements should be included in the LNPA RFP in order to best protect national security. Read More

August 8, 2014
Oklahoma Corporation Commission Reply Comments

The Public Utility Division of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission asks the FCC to minimize consumer impact and ensure that 911 services are not affected when selecting an LNPA vendor. Read More

August 8, 2014
Reps. Mike Rogers and C.A. Butch Ruppersberger letter to Chairman Wheeler

Letter from Reps. Rogers and Ruppersberger called on the FCC to prioritize security considerations when selecting an LNPA vendor. Read More

November 25, 2014
VA Gov Terry McAuliffe letter to DHS

Letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking the agency to ensure the FCC’s LNPA selection process incorporates the requirements of state and local homeland security stakeholders in Virginia and throughout the nation. Read More

November 25, 2014
VA Gov Terry McAuliffe letter to FCC

Letter to the FCC asking the agency incorporates the requirements of state and local homeland security stakeholders in Virginia and throughout the nation in its LNPA selection process. Read More

January 26, 2015
Ex Parte Filing: NPAC Transition Costs to Equal $1.136B, 12 million customers disrupted in First Year

Economist Hal Singer has updated his report on the costs and risks of a LNPA transition, finding that a transition would cost $1.136 billion in operating costs for carriers during the first year, Some of which might be passed along to consumers. Read More

October 23, 2014
NANC's Selection Working Group Recommendation Process Violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)- Petition for Declaratory Ruling

The FCC cannot use the NANC's LNPA recommendation because the process violated federal law. The selection process must be reopened to permit the development of a record that complies with FACA. Read More

August 25, 2014
FCC cannot lawfully accept NANC recommendation - Reply Comments

No commenter credibly addressed Neustar's legal objections to the NANC’s recommendation. Read Reply

July 22, 2012
Neustar's RFP Response

For your convenience, we have provided a copy of our response documents here. Read More

June 16, 2014
Ex Parte Filing Following Meeting with FCC GC Sallet

Ex parte filing urging the FCC to reconsider its protective order. Read More

June 2, 2014
Neustar Ex Parte Filing Calling on Ericsson to Disclose its Contracts with Telecom Carriers

Neustar's ex parte filing calls on Ericsson to prove its neutrality by disclosing its relationships and contracts with telecom industry members and detailing how the company will comply with neutrality requirements. Read Filing

May 19, 2014
Neustar Ex Parte Filing Responding to Ericsson

Neustar's filing states that (1) an NPRM is mandatory; (2) Neutrality rules barr Ericsson - a telecom equipment manufacturer - from serving as the LNPA and (3) the public interest is served by a fully informed, open process. Read more

May 6, 2014
Neustar ex parte filing following its meeting with the FCC on LNPA selection

Ex parte filing details discussions Neustar had with the FCC at a meeting on May 2.... Read Filing

April 23, 2014
Neustar Responds to Ericsson Opposition to Public Notice

Neustar has asked the FCC to issue a public notice and comment period responding to the NANC’s LNPA recommendation...Read more

April 8, 2014
Neustar asks FCC to seek comments on LNPA

Neustar has asked the FCC to apply a notice-and-comment process to the LNPA selection process. Read more

Analysis: NPAC Transition To Take Minimum of Two Years, Likely Longer

Neustar’s analysis finds that a LNPA transition would take 26-33 months... Read more

March 19, 2014
Neustar Letter to NANC Seeks Another Round of Offers

Neustar submitted a letter to the NANC asking the group to fix the flawed LNPA RFP process...Read more

March 25, 2014
WebTN – The Future of Number Administration

In the future, telephone numbers will be identifiers for individuals, no longer tied to specific service providers, services or devices. Read more

March 7, 2014
Transitioning the PSTN to IP: What’s in a Number?

Yankee Group looks at the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolution of the PSTN to an IP network and the central role that numbering and the NPAC play in this transition... Read more

March 4, 2014
Neustar formal dispute before the North American Numbering Council

Neustar challenged the acceptance of "at least one untimely initial proposal" and the "failure to call for an additional round of proposals." Read more

February 24, 2014
Neustar responds to Ericsson, calls on FCC to fix LNPA RFP

Neustar submitted a response to Ericsson’s defense of the RFP process, asking the agency to rectify the RFP process. Read more

February 12, 2014
Neustar Calls on FCC to Seek Public Comment on Feb. 12 Petition, LNPA RFP

Neustar submitted a letter to the FCC asking the agency to seek public comment on the RFP to ensure the selection process serves the public interest. Read more

February, 2014
Neustar Seeks Another Round of Bidding, Says Process Must Be Clear & Concise

Neustar filed a petition with the FCC asking the agency to amend the RFP for a Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) to open a round of comments to solicit input from key constituencies on how the RFP needs to be amended... Read more

Estimating the Costs Associated with a Change in Local Number Portability Administration

A transition in local-number-portability administrator would likely impose significant costs on U.S. providers of voice services... Read More

February 11, 2014
LNPA Transfer Would Cause Significant Industry Conflicts

The introduction of VoLTE and new services such as Web Real-Time Communication... Read More

January 21, 2014
An NPAC Transition is Risky Business

The leading IT analysis firm, The Standish Group, reveals the risks and challenges of IT transitions. They predict that a flash-cut switch to a new Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) administrator could negatively impact reliability for carriers and consumers, costing the industry an estimated $500-$600 million. Read Report

March 8, 2013
Americans Have the Fastest Number Portability System in the World

Hal Singer, managing director of Navigant Economics, finds that Americans have the fastest number portability system in the world, resulting in billions of dollars in annual savings for wireless customers. In addition, any disruption to the U.S. number portability system’s efficiency could potentially have a significant impact on wireless consumers. Read Report

May 3, 2012
India's Experience with Mobile Number Portability

Communications markets are not the same worldwide. This white paper compares the number portability environments for the United States and India, finding vast differences between the countries’ communications markets and drivers of consumer demand.  

November 22, 2011
Scale and Transactional Economies in NPAC Services and the Design of Competitive Bidding Procedures

This Study finds that maintaining a single number portability administrator nationwide provides substantial economic benefits to support innovation, reliability, and the effectiveness of numbering services. Read Whitepaper

September 13, 2012
Telephone Numbers are Portable; is the NPAC?

The NPAC is a highly complex operation that is integral to the continued innovation in the U.S. communication’s industry. This white paper, written by Yankee Group’s Jennifer Pigg and Brian Partridge, examines the key roles the NPAC plays in our nation’s telecommunications infrastructure. Read Whitepaper

July 13, 2012
Number Portability Through the Global Lens

In the U.S., the number portability mandate has been one of the success stories of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 enabling competition and consumer choice.  And, across the globe, governments and regulatory bodies have taken steps to stimulate the rapid implementation of number portability. 

The Importance of Neutrality in Number Portability Administration

The ability to port telephone numbers from one provider to another is one of the hallmarks of a competitive telecommunications system. In this paper, former FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth discusses the importance of neutrality in preserving the competitive benefits of local number portability. Read Filing