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Who is Neustar?

We're the technology behind the technology.

Neustar is a trusted and neutral technology company serving the Internet, telecommunications, information services, financial services, retail, media and advertising sectors. Our nationwide infrastructure ensures that calls, texts and web queries are routed the right way, every time — no matter how many billions there are. Whether you are calling, texting or surfing the Web, Neustar's complex technology flawlessly helps people make billions of connections each day.

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Connect Me

Think of Neustar as the big switchboard in the cloud
Whether you are calling, texting or surfing the Web, Neustar's cutting edge nationwide infrastructure and complex technology flawlessly help people make billions of connections each day. We ensure that phone calls and text messages reach the right person, and we direct consumers instantly and correctly to the websites they wish to visit.

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Grab and Go

Neustar lets you take your telephone number with you if you change providers
Neustar manages the authoritative databases that enable the dynamic routing of telephone calls among competing companies in the U.S. and Canada, and developed and maintains the software used to manage the authoritative databases in Taiwan and Brazil.

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Safety in Numbers

Neustar enables your call to be routed flawlessly every time!
Every day, Neustar enables 13 billion DNS query resolutions, 6 billion U.S. text messages, 5 billion Internet location searches and 2 billion on-demand real-time analytic queries—and does it the right way, every time. That's over 27 billion real-time answers every day!

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Just Text Me

We enable 6 billion texts throughout North America daily
Neustar ensures 6 billion texts in the U.S. are routed correctly each day and also provides billions of real-time answers every day to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment and marketing industries throughout the world. We are a trusted, neutral, secure, reliable and tested provider that enriches communications globally.