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Sizing the 2020 US Retail Market, Online and Offline

The eMarketer 2020 US Commerce Snapshot, sponsored by Neustar, offers important insights into online and offline sales for the US retail market, as well as where and what shoppers are buying, and ad spend trends.

While the full effects of COVID-19 remain to be seen, the retail industry will certainly be impacted. What we currently do not know is the full extent of the impact. eMarketer has created this infographic Snapshot of the US retail market, which includes figures for total sales, ad spending and shoppers and buyers by device, to help marketers in the retail ecosystem understand their customers and competitors. This Snapshot provides the best estimates of the US retail ecommerce industry with the data presently available, and was completed in February 2020, prior to any mitigation efforts put in place by US retailers and the government.

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