Universal Order Connect: The New Way to Buy Network Connectivity

Reduce order delivery timelines, protect margins, and ensure an optimal customer experience.

Traditional methods for buying wholesale connectivity, such as ASR Clearinghouses, emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls, has been the norm for decades. But to meet customer expectations and stay competitive in today’s marketplace, it’s time to modernize and automate.

An API-driven, cloud-based platform, Neustar Universal Order Connect (UOC) automates and streamlines the entire process of buying wholesale network connectivity, even Broadband.

From connecting buyers to hundreds of sellers and identifying the best quotes, to improving the entire order creation and submission process – UOC simplifies each critical step. With UOC, you can:

  • Benefit from a one-stop-shop for connectivity
  • Prioritize your workload
  • Streamline the order process
  • Make trouble reporting easy

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