How TV Attribution Can Unlock Better Advertising Success

TV Attribution and Measuring Advertising

It's the age of digital transformation. And for TV advertising, this evolution is fueling growth for both brands and television networks. But to take advantage of new opportunities to deliver critical business outcomes, both advertisers and media companies need to embrace four key priorities: TV attribution, identity, agility, and measurement.

Get your copy of The Future of TV is Now: Accelerating the Digital Transformation of TV Advertising, a joint report from iSpot.tv and Neustar, for insights on:

  • Why TV attribution remains central to effective omnichannel marketing and staying connected to consumers in today's fragmented ecosystem
  • How TV can be used to target audiences and measure performance across a variety of business outcomes (including sentiment and conversions) just as precisely as on digital channels
  • How to properly integrate TV attribution with multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling to optimize targeting, segmentation, and budget allocation
  • Why an identity framework and agile culture are pre-requisites to enable new measurement and TV attribution breakthroughs
  • ...and more

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About the Report:

Television is in an incredibly exciting place, with today's TV advertising landscape much more sophisticated than it was even a few years ago. For advertisers, breakthroughs in personalization long promised by addressable TV can finally be realized at scale, meaning television can at last deliver the kinds of targeting and measurement capabilities that marketers are used to seeing on digital channels.

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