The Enterprise Call Experience: Travel and Hospitality

Safe Travels Begin with Branded Calling

When it comes to booking vacations and travel, customers want to feel pampered – and safe. In addition to worrying about evolving rules and regulations around health-based travel restrictions, they also want to avoid travel scams.

But, in our recent Omdia survey, travel and hospitality firms said many of their legitimate outbound calls were being marked as spam – customers weren’t even aware it was them calling – and they experienced revenue loss as a result.

Branded Call Display (BCD) helps travel and hospitality firms increase answer rates by up to 56% - while reducing costs, improving customer engagement, and reversing revenue loss. BCD also ensures that calls have not been spoofed by leveraging STIR/SHAKEN call authentication.

Download the report to learn the impact that the phone has had on the travel and hospitality industry, and how you can improve your customers' trust in the phone.

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