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To Beat Winter, American Households Cozy Up to Family Time

What does family time look like to your customers?

AdAdvisor lets you reach American households based on actual activity, not demographics-based guesswork. That means you can find customers whether they enjoy baking, board games, or movie night with the kids.

TV Time

Reach households based on what they watch:

  • Watches family-oriented channels including HBO Family, Discovery Family Channel, ABC Family, Starz Family, and more
  • Saw family movie(s) and/or animation movie(s)
  • Owns home theater equipment
  • Agrees with the statement “I am a TV addict”

Crafts & Games

Reach households that index high for popular indoor activities:

  • Likes “Spending most time at home with family”
  • Agree that “Family life is the most important thing”
  • Bought brownie mix in the last 12 months
  • Bought board games/video games in the last 12 months

Constant Connection

Reach busy households that get stuff done online:

  • Internet is “prime source of family entertainment”
  • Visited Any Family/ Parenting website
  • Displays high website usage from home
  • Likes websites that show local info

How Do Your Customers Spend Their Downtime?

AdAdvisor Consumer Audiences are available today, segmented and ready to go.

Use audiences on their own or layer them on top of first-party data to build highly relevant audiences customized for your business.

Activate audiences consistently and precisely across multiple channels, including web, email, direct mail, social media and addressable TV. Our team can show you how.

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