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The Lead Intelligence Playbook


Get the Insights You Need with Lead Intelligence

No matter which industry you’re in, competition can be fierce and time is a precious commodity. Businesses that want to get ahead need to identify and target high-value customer leads quickly and effectively.

Under that kind of pressure, it’s easy to spend more time focusing on increasing the quantity of your leads – but often that can lead to sacrificing on quality.

Lead quality is critical to the success of any business. And having an effective lead management strategy that leverages superior analytics technology can provide the edge you need to beat the competition.


Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Everyone has their own definition of what qualifies as a “good” lead – the sales team, the marketing team, even your executives. So it’s critical for everyone to get on the same page and agree on a criteria, ensuring your targeted leads have the best chance of turning into revenue.

At Neustar, we define a lead simply as an unknown. We specialize in empowering brands to convert your unknown prospects into actual customers.

Neustar Lead Intelligence is the set of tools you need for more conversions. Automated Lead Decisioning is the engine that makes those tools run more quickly, efficiently, and precisely, as we’ll describe in this playbook.


Validate & Verify the Information

The first step is figuring out if you have a legitimate lead.

The initial data you’ve acquired (e.g., name, address, phone number) needs to be validated so that it’s correctly formatted, matches standards, and satisfies your specific CRM requirements.

Once you establish that the data is valid, then you know you’ve got a real person knocking on your door. Before you let them in, you’ll want to find out who they are.

The next step is verifying exactly who the lead is. Determining that the name, email and phone number all belong to the same person will give you more confidence.

And remember — you’ll need to do all of this in real-time, automatically. Otherwise, you risk losing a sales opportunity.

Identify & Enhance Your Data

Did you know that 45 million consumers change their phone number every year?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In today’s digital world, consumer data is constantly changing. This makes it a challenge to consistently recognize even the most frequent customers across devices and channels.

Starting with just a single identifier, such as a phone number or email address, Neustar’s solution can return additional consumer identification data in real-time.

This allows marketers to build a complete profile of each customer or prospective customer the moment they make contact.

In addition, you gain a single, accurate view of customers and prospects in any channel – even if you have incomplete CRM data on them, or no record at all.

These days, customers and prospects expect personalized company interactions, whether they receive a call, visit a website, or walk into a store. With tools to identify and enhance data, you can meet their expectations.

Profile & Score the Prospect

Neustar Lead Intelligence really shines when we put all the data to work, building models that help predict if a customer has a higher propensity to buy.

In fact, if you’ve enhanced your own CRM records, then you’ve already done some of the legwork to leverage your own first-party data for lead profiling and scoring.

With the use of segmentations, you can gain insights into consumer behavior and create profiles. With these segmented consumer profiles, you can improve conversions by customizing your offers and tailoring the marketing message directly to them. Scoring takes it to the next level, allowing you to focus on leads with a higher propensity to buy. They would then become your high-value leads.

By harnessing real-time predictive analytics, you can identify a customer’s potential value and instantly take specific, customized action on a lead-by-lead basis.

Automate Lead Decisioning

You’ve validated and verified, identified and enhanced, profiled and scored.

Now you need to put it all into practice. After all, what good is Lead Intelligence if you can’t act on it … and quickly?

The problem is, business managers typically need web developers to translate their business expertise and insights into rules and then code it up. But what if you could implement faster, rules-based lead decisions with less reliance on IT?

The answer comes in automation, which gives you control to adjust how lead decisions are made as market conditions change. With an automated decisioning platform, businesses benefit from increased flexibility and agility to:

  • Make informed decisions on whether to accept or reject leads
  • Enrich customer data with extended statistics and attributes
  • Route leads automatically to the right sales reps
  • Utilize predictive scoring to focus on leads with a high propensity to buy

Neustar Lead Intelligence makes it easy. With the single, integrated solution, you can leverage real-time intelligence and automate the lead-decision process.

Lead Intelligence

Identify, Verify, Enrich, and Activate Leads — Automatically and in Real-Time

As a marketer, one of your greatest challenges is to identify the prospects that are the most promising for your business. Fail at that and you risk missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

With a robust lead-intelligence solution in place, you tackle the challenge and ensure that more of your leads turn into revenue.

Neustar OneID™ empowers marketers with the data-driven insights needed for true one-to-one customer engagement.

Neustar continuously corroborates its identity data with billions of anonymized consumer transactions daily, and links verified offline data, including wireless data, to an identity foundation based on over 220 million adults and 120 million U.S. households. Neustar can further augment consumers’ identities with more than 15,000 offline and online predictive attributes for incentive, creative and messaging optimization, product development, geographic prioritization and media planning.

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