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Telephone Network Forensics - The Technology for Phone Ownership Authentication

Caller Authentication Starts with the Device

As cybercrime has skyrocketed, businesses have devoted increasing resources to improving security and combating fraud online. While they aspire to improving customer experience at the same time, fraudsters' tactics in the phone channel grow more sophisticated.

Most call centers continue to rely heavily on knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to grant callers access to their accounts.1 2 The availability of personal information, either stolen in data breaches or gleaned from social media, makes it increasingly easy for criminals to overcome KBA. Add in some call spoofing or virtualization, and fraudsters are well on their way to deceiving call center staff and taking over customer accounts.

To fight back, call centers must implement new solutions to identify customers. The quality of these solutions has a direct impact on the caller's experience, the call center's operational efficiency, and the ROI of its fraud-fighting efforts.

Read this paper to discover:

  1. two distinct approaches to determining a calling device's legitimacy,
  2. their underpinning principles, and
  3. their ability to contribute to callers' authentication.

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