The Straightforward Guide to Customer-Centric Marketing

Are you putting customers at the center of your marketing strategy or is your brand obscuring the view?

Everybody talks about people-based, customer-centric marketing, but very few organizations are set up to succeed at it. "The Straightforward Guide to Customer-Centric Marketing" offers a clear, in-depth look at how to think about and successfully execute against this kind of strategy. It starts by looking at the customer journey holistically, from building an airtight data strategy to executing great experiences to measuring your results and optimizing accordingly.

Brands need to zero in on two areas to be successful customer-centric marketers. First, they need to know who their customers are by resolving everything they know to a single, authoritative identity. Second, they need to understand the value of a unified marketing technology platform to seamlessly connect them to their customers across their journey.

So start taking a harder look at your approach to customer-centricity. This guide will walk you through the challenges and issues you should be aware of, and suggest a path forward.

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