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STIR/SHAKEN: Crossing the Finish Line

Four Steps to STIR/SHAKEN/Robocall Compliance for Small- to Mid-Sized Carriers

For years you’ve heard about STIR/SHAKEN and other FCC regulations put in place to prevent illegal robocalls, stop call spoofing, and restore trust in the phone.

Tier 1 carriers are already on board. Some small- and mid-sized carrier have either received an extension or registered with the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation (RM) Database. But they haven’t crossed the finish line yet – it’s time to harness the right resources and push forward.

The new looming deadline is September 28, 2021. After this date, intermediate and Terminating Service Providers are prohibited from accepting traffic from any carrier without an approved plan registered in the FCC database.

Avoid the roadblocks and penalties ahead – start on your own terms and reap the benefits that robocall mitigation and STIR/SHAKEN provides to your subscribers.

Download the new eBook to learn the four steps that will ensure you cross the finish line to compliance.

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