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Report: Social Insights—Internet of Things

How IoT executives, practitioners, and thought leaders engage on Twitter


The future is here. And it’s all about the Internet of Things. Once the stuff of science fiction, it’s allowing us to track, analyze, and alter more and more of our physical world through the objects and devices in our everyday lives. The Internet of Things is just beginning to take hold, but before long it’ll touch everything around us.

It’s also creating a lot of buzz—a great deal of it shared on social media. What’s being shared? And by whom?

To find out, we collaborated with social research firm Leadtail to gain insights into the people who are leading the IoT conversation—and thus shaping the next 10-20 years of our lives. The result is our new report, Social Insights: Internet of Things. This report summarizes the Twitter activity of 300 executives, practitioners, and thought leaders in IoT who were active during the second quarter of 2015, based on an analysis of 73,112 tweets and 49,748 shared links. The findings have revealed some compelling insights—not only about IoT itself, but also how it’s viewed and valued by these leaders.

Read this report and learn:

  • What kind of content is being shared on IoT?
  • Which media sources is content being promoted on the most?
  • Where do IoT leaders cluster geographically and which topics and events are they talking about?

Learn these and many other key insights.


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