A New Revenue-Generating Opportunity for Telecoms Operators

Branded Calling Solutions

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Telecoms services for enterprises account for approximately 27% of a carrier’s total revenue – and they face pressure from shareholders to find new areas for revenue growth while maintaining margins.

Additionally, carriers also face pressure from their enterprise customers to help them address the impacts of fraudulent calling and phone scammers on their business activities.

These issues are both addressed in the new Neustar-sponsored Analysys Mason report, Branded Calling Solutions - A New Revenue-Generating Opportunity for Telecoms Operators. The global telecom management consultancy firm provides operators with insights and recommendations gleaned from a survey conducted of senior executives from operators’ business/enterprise departments in the U.S. and Canada.

They share:

  • How to support enterprise customers’ desire to reduce fraudulent calls and restore consumer trust
  • Benefits of offering branded calling to enterprise customers
  • The new revenue streams potential
  • How to maximize the benefits of branded calling solutions

“Operators appear well-positioned to provide [branded calling] service given their existing relationships with enterprises and their ownership of the communication link.”

- Analysis Mason May 2021 Report

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