The Enterprise Call Experience: Retail Service Firms

Bring the Personal Touch Back to Shopping with Branded Calling

There’s been a dramatic shift in how consumers shop in the past few years. For many, buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS) is now the model of choice – indicating that omnichannel shopping models are here to stay.

To connect with customers, retailers must have omnichannel strategies in place that blend physical and online channels – and being able to reach customers by phone plays a key role. However, robocalls, call spoofing, and anti-robocall mandates like STIR/SHAKEN may mark calls as spam or even block them.

In January 2021, Neustar commissioned an Omdia survey to enterprises that make large volumes of outbound calls to gain insights into the current customer call experience.

Download the survey report to learn the impact that the phone has had on the retail services industry, and how you can improve your customer’s trust in the phone, improve engagement and increase call answer rates by 56 percent.

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