Restore Trust in Outbound Communications

Increase answer rates, consumer engagement, and operational efficiency.

Outbound communications are increasingly being ignored, blocked, mislabeled, or wasted. When consumers do not receive legitimate outbound communications in a timely manner, they take on unnecessary risk, such as missing important appointment reminders, losing service due to non-payment, or harming their credit rating due to loan delinquency. As a result, outbound organizations must spend extra resources to execute core functions.

Four legacy challenges sap outbound organizations’ operational efficiency and right-party-contact (RPC) rates: calls are blocked or mislabeled as spam; callers do not know the best time to reach out; callers lack complete, up-to-date consumer data; and consumers mistrust unrecognized callers. These negative call experiences degrade both the top and bottom line.

To improve performance and efficiency at scale, outbound organizations must adapt to changes in caller behavior and expectations. The solutions, proven in many major call centers, hinge on restoring carriers’ and consumers’ trust in legitimate outbound communications.

Discover how innovative outbound contact centers are ensuring optimal efficiency and consumer experience by reaching the intended person at the right time, and using the email address or phone number they are most likely to answer.

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