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UltraReputation: Reducing Online Fraud and Other Threats

Best Practices for Mitigating Risk in a Global Online Environment.

Online enterprises face an overwhelming tide of online fraud and other threats. A recent study by Juniper Research found that retailers are set to lose some $130 billion in digital CNP (Card-not-Present) fraud between 2018 and 2023.* According to Forrester Bot traffic accounted for almost 40 percent of all online traffic on the internet in 2019 and the majority of it was malicious.**

As the costs of online fraud continue to rise, along with the volume, sophistication and ingenuity of the attacks, IT security teams have responded with a range of tools and techniques to curb fraud. Many of these tools are specifically aimed at establishing whether traffic is a risk or a potentially rewarding customer - that is, whether it represents a real user or is originating from a bot or server.

Unfortunately, these tools also involve both direct and indirect costs. The direct costs can be quite high, particularly for the newer AI-based solutions. But it is the indirect costs - in the form of burdens on users that degrade the customer experience - that really add up. A Forrester Research study commissioned by Neustar found that 62% of businesses are challenged by low customer satisfaction and/or an end-user experience process that is too complicated, causing consumers to abandon purchases. (Can you identify all the squares with a cross walk or find all the traffic lights?)

Online businesses need a cost-effective, reliable, non-intrusive tool that will quickly identify traffic that may be non-human and quantify the risk it represents, while integrating easily into a comprehensive fraud and security management platform.

UltraReputation Data from Neustar provides that capability. UltraReputation is an authoritative source of risk scoring data for IP addresses, providing critical information on routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses worldwide. It enables you to assess the risk associated with a device that is attempting to access your network, corporate resources or intellectual property, in real time, without requiring any action by the user or other entity behind that device.

Your business can gain immediate risk evaluation insights for visitors using UltraReputation data without compromising the user experience in any way.

This white paper describes the information and insight sharing that UltraReputation can provide your business, as well as the data at its foundation. It also details how you can leverage it to support your efforts in the following areas:

  1. Registration and Authentication Fraud Prevention
  2. Online Transaction Fraud Prevention
  3. Active Threat Prevention
  4. Click Fraud and Ad Fraud Prevention

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