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Don't Let Fraudsters Ruin Online Shopping for Your Good Customers

How to Keep Customer Satisfaction High and Account Takeover Fraud Low

The massive data breaches of recent years have put massive amounts of consumer information into the hands of fraudsters. And those criminals are picking up even more personal information from shoppers' social media pages. As a result, they have a lot more consumer data to use to defraud online retailers.

Many e-retailers are responding by making shoppers-most of them perfectly honest people-jump through hoops to complete a website purchase.

Consumers don't like jumping through hoops, and that's costing retailers by driving annoyed shoppers to competitors. Besides suffering the loss of the lifetime value of those shoppers, online retailers also are losing money by turning down many transactions that are actually legitimate.

The good news for retailers is that there is a solution that can block the bad guys from completing online purchases while welcoming good customers with open arms-not hoops to jump through. What's the solution? Using technology to identify legitimate customers and transactions.

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