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Omnichannel Marketing: A Neustar Media/Advertising Brief

Ad agencies, ad enablers and publishers alike want to reap the benefits of omnichannel marketing. But they lack the analytics and knowledge to make omnichannel work. We expect this to change, however, as 2014 unfolds.


If you’re in media/advertising, you’ve heard all about the potential of omnichannel marketing: the opportunity to boost sales by personalizing and synchronizing experiences across all your customer touchpoints. In fact, nearly 60% of industry marketers say an omnichannel strategy is very important/critical or important to their organizations, according to a Neustar-sponsored survey by Multichannel Merchant. The survey included more than 350 marketing executives across media/advertising, retail, ecommerce and other industries.

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Industry pros expect omnichannel marketing to drive sales.

Over 75% of media/advertising respondents are seeing a lift in sales, or expect one, from omnichannel. More than 70% say increased acquisition is a top analytics priority. How specifically can omnichannel marketing help?

Whether you’re an agency, an ad tech firm or a publisher, you need to bridge offline and offline offers, measure both consistently and optimize spend. You also need to identify consumers accurately, across all the devices they use to connect with brands. This lets you reach buyers in a seamless, personalized way, driving sales with relevant messages. And as you synchronize efforts across multiple channels, you stand to gain from emerging multi-touchpoint attribution, moving beyond traditional last-click metrics.

Today, few in media/advertising say they can consistently use customer data across channels. They lack the analytics tools and expertise. But growing numbers are developing or enhancing these capabilities. With over 58% reporting that they currently have or will soon build an omnichannel marketing strategy, momentum is growing. Look for a tipping point this year.

Key Findings

  1. The media/advertising industry is embracing omnichannel
    • 58% say it’s essential.
    • 77% are seeing or expecting a lift in sales. 53% are enjoying or anticipate a lift of 6-20%.
  2. Many lack the means to act on data across all touch points
    • 41% have issues with IT integration and data silos.
    • Many industry marketers can’t link customer identifiers—email addresses, mobile and home phone numbers and more—to enable accurate targeting.
  3. Omnichannel’s future: the industry is investing in the tools to succeed
    • 29% currently have an omnichannel strategy
    • An additional 29% plan to invest in a strategy; omnichannel marketers will soon be the majority in media/advertising.

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Next Steps

The ultimate goal: according to the report, it’s creating a single customer view across all channels. However, less than one-third of respondents actually do this. When media/advertising companies, like those in other industries, fail to act on omnichannel consumer information they miss the chance to optimize the end user experience, identified by many as a top priority. They also can’t measure holistically and track influenced sales, identified by 71% as a critical need.

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Note: In the MCM report, advertising data is listed under media.

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