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Preparing for the All-IP Future

White Paper: IP Enablement Framework: Preparing for the All-IP Future


Executive Overview

The global telecommunications industry is undergoing a shift toward all-IP (Internet Protocol) networks that deliver voice, data, video and wireless applications—enabling personalized, unified communications across many devices. In this environment of network migration, consolidation, and expansion, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for communication service providers (CSPs) to manage their networks and deliver new services in a rapid, scalable fashion.

CSP’s are facing assaults on several fronts. Global mobile traffic has transformed to be clearly dominated by data. Mobile data has clearly grown at an explosive rate, driven by smart phones and IP enabled services such as real-time entertainment and is expected to continue to grow at a yearly rate of 92% through 2015. Voice average revenue per user (ARPU) is in sharp decline, semi bolstered by the increase in data ARPU, but with significantly higher cost per megabit to deliver. IP data has become the capacity driver in wireless and will become the revenue driver. This new All-IP world creates a new value chain, with new over the top (OTT) players and new battle grounds. In order to avoid becoming a bit pipe provider for the OTTs, CSP’s need to implement a defensive strategy in order to:

  • Assure the best quality voice and messaging service
  • Efficiently migrate existing revenues and services
  • Create new compelling content and media communications services
  • Deliver services at the highest margins and protect against revenue leakage

The investments in IP and the ever-changing new technologies have led to a tangle of legacy and new networks and equipment for CSPs. Each ‘island’ of technology h as its own management controls. This complexity costs CSPs in inefficient operations and lost revenues from a variety of problems, such as traffic loss, revenue leakage, manual processes and poor interconnects thereby increasing business risks. Additionally, many CSPs still don’t have a plan to reach an all-IP innovative service future.

A new paradigm is required to simplify the complexity to enable the value of the IP network and evolves networks rather than ripping and replacing. In order to mitigate risk and reduce cost CSPs need to consider taking advantage of an IP Enablement framework which provides a unified architectural design for next generation addressing, routing, service discovery and interconnect. The benefits of an IP Enablement Framework are:

  • Simplifies IP asset management and network operations through one single pipe
  • Optimizes performance, speed and time-to-value while decreasing risks
  • Capitalizes and allows control of industry changes through lower costs, greater functionality and monetization through new services

Neustar IP Enabler solutions empower communications service providers (CSPs) to migrate their network infrastructures to easily support next generation IP-based services. The solution, which can be offered as a blend of cloud-based, managed and license-based services, can quickly and efficiently adapt to changing network requirements and provides a holistic architectural approach to solve many of the challenges facing CSPs today. Neustar IP Enablers solution can reduce overall routing, capacity and interconnection costs by 10% - 20% while providing CSPs with the following benefits:

  • Holistic approach for centralized IP management and greater efficiency by simplifying operations
  • Greater insight to find new revenue opportunities, control costs, and reduce risk
  • Routing and change control so you can retain control of your equipment and technology in an ever-changing industry
  • Flexible service options (cloud, managed, on-premise) to fit your needs

In today’s ever-complex environment of network migration, consolidation and expansion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for triple-play providers such as cable, broadband and wireless companies to manage their IP networks and deliver new services in a rapid, scalable fashion. Neustar IP Enabler solutions change all that by empowering operators to migrate their network infrastructures to easily support next-generation Internet Protocol (IP)-based services, thereby having more control over business changes, and simplifying operations while reducing risk.

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