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The Insider’s Guide to IP Geolocation Data

A Closer Look at a Powerful Data Tool

IP geolocation data, which maps the IP address of a device connected with the Internet to a geographic location, has been helping inform online business decisions for almost 20 years.

Although it is no longer the new kid on the digital block, it has become an ever-more essential tool, addressing more varied business needs and applications than ever before – all arising from the growth of anonymous incoming Internet traffic.

Yet many fundamental aspects of this decisioning data – how accurate it can be, and how provider best practices can influence accuracy; the capabilities it offers beyond location; the challenges posed by changing technology – are not well understood, even in organizations that rely on it.

As a market leader in geolocation decisioning data, our goal is to help our users better understand the value of this data – and the capabilities and challenges they may rarely think about - to ensure they are getting the greatest possible value in their online business.

This white paper presents the insights and information you need to better understand IP geolocation decisioning data:

  • How businesses use it
  • Insights into accuracy, and how it can be improved
  • The effects of changes in Internet technology and usage
  • Why new privacy regulations make it more valuable than ever
  • Why the choice of provider is particularly critical
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