The Insider’s Guide to IP Geolocation Data

IP geolocation data delivers foundational decisioning insights that power critical business applications in multiple industries, every hour of every day. These insights became even more important as many people began working from home concurrently–and experts predict remote work will remain 4 to 5 times higher than pre-pandemic levels. Understanding geolocation data and what it can help you accomplish is essential to the success of your online business—both today and in the future.

With an estimated 25% of the US labor force continuing to work from home, today’s connected businesses have a huge stake in knowing as much as possible about the devices and people logging on to their online resources.

This white paper presents the insights and information you need to better understand IP geolocation decisioning data, as well as its unique value during and after the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • How moving to a hybrid work model (split between home and office) continues to drive the need for accurate location insights
  • How the growth in demand for streaming media and OTT content distribution (and the launch of new providers) continues to drive demand for accurate geolocation data and the ability to detect password sharing
  • How anonymous proxy detection is more important than ever as the fraudsters learned - and perfected - new tricks and techniques
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