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Inbound Call Center Responses to COVID-19

Serving Callers Safely and Efficiently Through the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has provoked a paradigm shift in consumer behavior and contact center operations. Call centers are seeking industry best practices on how to deliver an ideal consumer experience and operate with optimal efficiency in this new reality. Many will have to modernize their approaches to inbound caller authentication.

The faster the person on the other end of the line can be authenticated—even during unprecedented spikes in inbound call volume—the better call centers can deliver safe, speedy experiences without compromising security or operational efficiency. Brands that step up to meet consumers’ needs with speed, confidence, and calm stand the best chance of weathering the COVID-19 pandemic and fortifying their positions in the market.

Read this whitepaper to learn how inbound contact centers:

  • Often increase fraud risk and average handle times (AHT) with current approaches to caller authentication
  • Must adapt to changes in caller behavior and expectations to meet increasing consumer demand
  • Can begin fortifying customer loyalty by authenticating before answering calls
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