Improve Your Wholesale Business Efficiency

What Telecom Operators Can Learn from the Travel Industry

Transform how your customers buy and sell wholesale broadband connectivity.

While the travel industry has created digital front ends that enable customers to explore their market options efficiently and conveniently, many Communications Service Providers (CSPs) still struggle to provide wholesale operator customers with a personalized and digital experience that makes their buying process easier and faster.

Wholesale operator customers want online access to complete, up-to-date product and service information that provides the answers needed to make a buying decision based on their specific requirements – just like scheduling a trip online.

We’ve taken a look at best practices in the travel industry to see how they can be applied to enhance the selling of broadband services in the telecom industry.

Download our new eBook to learn how CSPs can make their customer purchasing experience more like that of the travel industry to:

  • Promote telecom offerings and reach a wider audience
  • Deliver quotes faster which can lead to more sales opportunities
  • Automate the order creation process and increase order accuracy
  • Provide buyers with automatic status updates and notifications and improve customer service
  • Manage incoming orders efficiently and decrease administrative costs
  • Track SLAs automatically to ensure order accuracy and customer satisfaction
  • Improve decision-making via advanced analytics and reporting
  • Reduce incremental costs by not having to maintain a host of different APIs
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