Improve Call Answer Rates, Increase Revenues

By Signing Your Own Calls

Over eighty percent of enterprises rank the phone channel as very important to their customer experience, but many legitimate outbound calls don’t get through to customers. That’s often because their calls receive a low STIR/SHAKEN attestation level, causing them to be mis-tagged as spam or blocked. Over half of business calls are not signed with an attestation level of “A”.

Now Delegate SHAKEN End Entity Certificates can ensure calls get the highest attestation level possible!

With the approval and implementation of Delegate Certificates by the STI-PA and STI-GA in October 2021, enterprises are now able to sign their own calls. That means their calls will get higher attestation levels, ensuring they are less likely to get mis-tagged as spam or blocked.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • Why’s it so hard to get an “A” in STIR/SHAKEN attestation?
  • How Delegate SHAKEN End Entity Certificates work
  • Steps for your enterprise to obtain Delegate Certificates
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