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The Impact of STIR/SHAKEN Attestation

Service providers and enterprises both must ensure that legitimate calls get through to customers. However, as more service providers implement STIR/SHAKEN, there is a greater risk that legitimate business calls won’t get the highest attestation level – and will fall into what is being termed the “attestation gap.”

You must take action now!

This eBook provides information for both Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises on the impact of STIR/SHAKEN attestation.

CSP readers will learn:

  • How call attestation levels are impacting your valuable enterprise customers
  • The three criteria for digitally assigning an attestation rating to a call, and validate the number

Enterprises readers will learn:

  • Why it gets more difficult to get an “A” when you use multiple service providers
  • The four options to ensure outbound calls are signed consistently with the highest appropriate attestation level
  • How you can succeed by signing your own calls
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