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How Innovative Outbound Contact Centers Respond to COVID-19

Contacting Consumers Safely and Efficiently Through the Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has upended outbound call centers: staff have been sent home, offshore facilities have closed, and various states have suspended some outbound calling activities. The “new normal” is a constant state of imbalance. This comes on top of legacy challenges that depress right party-contact (RPC) rates:

  • Contact information changes frequently
  • Consumer phone behavior varies by the individual
  • Robocalls obliterate consumer trust in unexpected calls
  • Carriers mistakenly block and spam-mislabel legitimate outbound calls

Relying on traditional outreach strategies and technologies during this disruptive era may inflict an outsized impact on outbound dialers’ ability to reach consumers with timely and important messages.

Discover how innovative outbound contact centers are responding to the crisis and ensuring optimal efficiency and consumer experience.

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