Help Your Enterprise Customers Increase Answer Rates

with Delegate SHAKEN End Entity Certificates

According to our data, half of enterprise calls to customers aren’t signed with a STIR/SHAKEN attestation level of “A”. That means a lot of calls to customers are being mis-tagged as spam, or even blocked. Since close to 30% of carrier revenues are attributable to enterprises, it’s important that you address this issue.

But, how?

New Tools in the Toolbox

The STI-PA and STI-GA approved the use of Delegate SHAKEN End Entity Certificates in October 2021, enabling enterprises to sign their own calls. That means their calls will get higher STIR/SHAKEN attestation levels, ensuring they are less likely to get mis-tagged as spam or blocked.

Through the use of Delegate SHAKEN End Entity Certificates, CSPs can:

  • Support enterprise customers
  • Speed implementation of STIR/SHAKEN call authentication across the ecosystem
  • Pave the way for more advanced features like branded calling that transform the phone channel
  • Help restore trust to phone calls
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