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The Enterprise Call Experience: Healthcare

Improve Patient Outreach with Branded Call Display (BCD)

Healthcare providers are facing the demand for a more patient-centric, digitally enabled, seamlessly connected user experience. The increasing reliance on telehealth has reinforced that need, forcing providers to quickly pivot and innovate – and rely more heavily on the phone channel.

But, due to robocalls and scams, patients won’t answer the phone unless they can trust who’s calling. Anti-robocall mandates like STIR/SHAKEN call authentication can also mistakenly label calls as spam, or even block them.

Solutions like Branded Call Display (BCD) can help healthcare providers increase answer rates and improve patient outreach, while reducing costs, protecting their brand, and reversing revenue loss.

In January 2021, Omdia conducted a survey on our behalf to entities that make large volumes of outbound calls to gain insights on current challenges and opportunities around the customer call experience.

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