Government Executive: Just a Phone Call Away

How Agencies Can Optimize Citizen Outreach

While websites are more important than ever for consumers as many of us are choosing to access services remotely rather than in person. But, that’s not a solution for everyone — 23% of citizens still lack internet at home and 7% don’t use the internet at all. As a result, the phone is critical to ensuring agencies can reach and serve all Americans equitably.

However, in 2021 alone, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received 3.4 million complaints about robocalls and illegal scams. These calls have caused the public to be rightfully hesitant to pick up incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers.

Read the article to learn what Neustar Vice President, Product Marketing, Jonjie Sena says about how agencies can revive their outreach strategies with technologies like Branded Call Display (BCD).

BCD allows agencies to add context to the mobile display when they call, including logo, location, reason for the call and more―empowering citizens with the information they need to decide if they want to answer - helping to restore trust in the phone.

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