The Future of Media

Powering Innovation in Addressable Advertising

Media companies have a special connection with consumers, but that connection has traditionally been undervalued by media buyers, and media sellers as well. Far from a cause for alarm, today's major shifts in the marketing ecosystem are an opportunity for publishers to set things right.

Read this eBook to get ready for the future of media:

  1. Enhance and connect your first-party data to the new marketing ecosystem
  2. Value your audience data for what it's really worth, finally
  3. Unlock new ways to monetize your audience data

About the eBook:

Marketers often see publishers as a means to an end: a way to reach coveted audiences. And most publishers see marketers as a means to an end too: a way to pay the bills. The transactional nature of the relationship between media buyers and sellers has led to the development of an impersonal media ecosystem over the years, mostly automated, mostly outsourced, and more interested in extracting CPM concessions from business partners than on creating value.

Changes in consumer behavior, privacy regulations, and technology are opening the door to a more gratifying, and more effective, way of doing business. The future of media requires a paradigm shift—and that can be scary at a time when most companies are battening down the hatches to weather today's economic uncertainty—but those that recognize the opportunity now and fight the urge to recoil will win out in the end.

Forward-looking publishers can get started today by connecting their first-party data to trusted external datasets, building strategic partnerships to enhance its value, and finding new ways to monetize it and unlock its full potential.

Download this eBook to learn how to plug your business into the future of media.

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