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2020 Paladin Vendor Report | Fraud Prevention

Neustar Recognized for Identification & Data Verification

The landscape of fraud prevention tools, platforms, and services changes constantly. That’s why MRC partnered with Paladin Group to research and publish the 2020 Paladin Vendor Report, a rigorous review of solution providers and services ready to help merchants reach their fraud-prevention goals. Paladin’s team spent hours speaking with 23 participating vendors who offer risk-mitigation products to merchants in the Card Not Present (CNP) and omni-channel environments — then gathered, examined, and compiled the information for each participating vendor in a purely information format.

Neustar was recognized again in the category of Identification & Data Verification. This free excerpt from the 2020 Paladin Vendor Report provides an overview of Neustar's fraud solutions, including:

  • Digital Identity Risk, which uses a wide range of device-based intelligence to separate legitimate users from fraudsters and mitigate risk of undue friction, false positives, and fraud loss.
  • Outbound Risk, which helps organizations ensure that their outbound messages reach the intended consumer, not fraudsters attempting to intercept two-factor authentication calls or texts.
  • Inbound Authentication, which leverages TRUSTID® technology to improve operational efficiency while mitigating fraud by accurately identifying and authenticating inbound callers before they hear “hello.”

Download the report to learn more.

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